Parrot was chosen by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) for the supply of micro-drones with ANAFI USA

Parrot will deliver its ANAFI USA drone system to the French Armies to support soldiers in their surveillance and reconnaissance missions

Parrot, Europe’s leading drone group, was chosen by the Direction Générale de l’Armement (French defense procurement agency, DGA) to supply its ANAFI USA micro-drones to equip the three corps of the French Army (Air, Sea and Land), as part of its call for tenders launched last February.

This success is the result of two years of work to develop, secure and produce a drone specifically designed to meet the needs of military forces. The selected drone ANAFI USA is specially adapted for the worldwide forces, offers soldiers a micro-drone of 500 grams with day and night observation capabilities.. With a flight time of 32 minutes, it has the best performance in its category. The 5-year contract covers several hundred drones, the development of adaptations and the maintenance of equipment and software. The first systems will be delivered in the upcoming months.

ANAFI USA extends the reconnaissance capabilities of the French forces. Thanks to its powerful 32x zoom, articulated around two 4K 21-megapixel cameras, the detection of person-sized targets is possible up to 2km away with a detail accuracy of 13cm. The zoom images are merged with those obtained by the FLIR Boson thermal imaging camera; the latter allows the detection of hot spots by day and by night. Deployable in 55 seconds, it is also very discreet: with a sound signature of 79 dB at a distance of 1m, it is inaudible from 130m.

Thanks to the technological partnerships implemented by Parrot with leading players in their fields, users can also benefit from the growing ecosystem of compatible software. For example, they can manage drone fleets in real time (Skyward, A Verizon company and DroneSense), generate visible and thermal photos/videos (Survae) and tactical maps (Pix4Dreact). Parrot’s R&D services are also planned to further adapt ANAFI USA to the needs of the French forces.

ANAFI USA is a revolution for Defense organizations, stemming from the expertise developed by Parrot for the general public. Defense forces are now looking to quickly make recent technologies, with proven performance, available to their operatives, at a controlled cost. The ANAFI platform technology, based on the cell phone component bank, reaches a level of reliability reinforced by the hundreds of thousands of flight hours of consumer drones. ANAFI USA’s technology choices offer a cost

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