As the industry looks for alternatives to DJI, when it comes to enterprise, open beats closed

As companies look to replace their fleet they need a provider that has a large shelf space, not just individual vehicles. Auterion is the only viable choice for enterprise customers looking to replace an entire fleet.

Nobody gets fired for buying IBM, is a common phrase in the IT industry. By choosing the solution perceived to be the most well-known and utilized in the market, you avoid negative fallout if something goes wrong. In the drone industry, that should have applied to DJI. The 14-year-old Chinese company has dominated the drone category, thanks to an aggressive pricing strategy for its hardware.

But with DJI being added to the US Commerce Department ‘Entity list’ the whole industry is changing fundamentally: This move does not only bar DJI from being able to continue to source critical U.S. components, it also means that any enterprise wanting to do business with DJI (even just using the DJI SDK) has to now review whether that activity is in compliance with U.S. regulations. Every transaction becomes a legal risk.

This makes any enterprise adoption of DJI products as risky as using Huawei hardware, the Chinese company which is on the same list for several years now and has been all but removed from U.S. enterprise usage.

But DJI has been offering an unprecedented choice of different airframes and payloads that no single manufacturer in the U.S. is able to provide. This is not a new problem in the IT industry: It has been solved by adopting open standards and open source software like Linux in the cloud and server industry. This enables the enterprise to invest into a single open platform on the software and integration side, but still enables it to work with a range of equipment manufacturers: The power of choice.

Auterion is the only viable choice for the drone industry. Our open and growing ecosystem of vehicles, payloads, and apps, bring the best from manufacturers across the industry to provide customers with the flexibility and extensibility needed to meet all their different needs.

Auterion provides power of choice

The open source ecosystem will prevail as the de facto industry standard in the battle for market share. Since its founding in 2011, PX4 has become the most used open-source flight control and autopilot system for autonomous aircraft. While Auterion is the leading contributor, an outside community of 600+ contributors and 10,000+ developers are using it,

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