Exyn Technologies Launches in Australia with C.R. Kennedy as Selected Distributor

new partnership brings the future to life with best-in-class autonomous and self-piloting aerial drones for mining and surveying needs.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, NOVEMBER, 2020– Exyn Technologies (https://www.exyn.com), a pioneer in autonomous aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied industrial environments, today announced Australian company C.R. Kennedy as their first international distributor. C.R Kennedy is one of the largest providers of survey equipment for mining and government needs in Australia, making the new partnership a valuable alignment for bringing technology once only seen in science fiction to reality for mining and other industrial sectors. The ExynAero (formerly the Exyn A3R), an autonomous and self-piloting aerial drone, was the industry-leading product that helped open the door to the relationship.

“When discussing with our surveying customers, the real need was a product that would map and navigate their underground caverns, much like what they saw in the blockbuster movie ‘Prometheus’,” said Clinton Harn, Head of Marketing at C.R. Kennedy. “The ability to make science fiction a reality is very appealing, inspiring, and most importantly, possible – that much was clear after Exyn first demoed their product to us.”

“We’re excited to be expanding into the Australian market with this relationship with C.R. Kennedy to help a whole new set of customers. The opportunity to continue to advance the technology in the mining sector with this new market is important for the continued evolution of mining and our business. We’re confident that the ExynAero will be able to help bring their visions of ‘Prometheus’-inspired tech to life.” commented Nader Elm, CEO of Exyn Technologies.

In one of their earliest use cases, Exyn flew to Bulgaria to assist Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) in mapping their underground gold mine. Current CMS would have required hours of setup to map a single stope. Equipped with Exyn’s then-A3R, however, DPM surveyors were able to map six stopes over the course of ~3 days, logging 123 flights in total, capturing accurate, high-fidelity data sets ready to be loaded into DPM’s mining software.

Exyn’s autonomous aerial robot systems are most commonly used for industrial applications such as mining, construction, infrastructure inspection, and military surveillance/reconnaissance. With this new customer partnership, Exyn is poised to continue their work in key industries and push the field of robotics forward.

To learn more about Exyn for mining applications, click here.

To learn more about Exyn Technologies, visit www.exyn.com.

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Exyn Technologies is pioneering autonomous aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied environments. The company’s

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