Autel, DroneSense Pilot an Integrated Drone Public-Safety Platform

Source: DroneSense

Public-safety UAV software provider DroneSense is teaming up with drone manufacturer Autel Robotics to create a supercharged platform for public-safety operators using Autel’s EVO drone series.

The partnership will marry the Autel EVO II Dual with DroneSense’s out-of-the-box solution for police, fire and rescue agencies designed to build, manage and scale drone programs.

EVO II Dual drone tech helps public safety personnel recognize persons and objects in zero-light environments through smoke/fog and offers a picture-in-picture display with an 8K resolution RGB camera for greater accuracy. The EVO II also sports one of the highest resolution thermal imaging cameras in its class, providing police officers and firefighters crisp detail, 4X lossless zoom capability and up to 40 minutes flight time.

DroneSense allows operators to deliver critical, real-time intelligence to decision-makers. In addition, the platform provides drone pilots with an intuitive, consistent flight control interface across all the drones in their fleet.

Incident commanders gain complete situational awareness with live video streams and telemetry data from drones in the air as well as the ability to easily collaborate with pilots and neighboring agencies.

Additionally, DroneSense provides program administrators with a complete system of record to keep track of critical data like flight logs, hardware and personnel.

“Autel Enterprise Robotics is enthusiastic about our relationship with DroneSense. The industry’s two best-in-class toolsets coming together provides public safety with a powerful workflow, functionality our customers have been requesting for many months,” said Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel USA.

“Having DroneSense support all aircraft in the EVO series, including our Made in USA Autel EVO II Dual, changes the situational awareness and management game for public safety agencies.”

“We saw an increased interest from our public safety customers in the Autel EVO Series, so our engineering team evaluated the platform and were impressed with its features and performance,” said Chris Eyhorn, CEO of DroneSense.

“With our new integration, we are able to offer an advanced hardware option that will facilitate more successful UAS missions for our public safety customers.”

The two companies have already garnered a lot of positive buzz from public-safety officials like John Kuch, a retired Fairfax County Police Department officer. “Autel has developed the EVO II Dual with Public Safety applications in mind, featuring a short 30-second deployment time, the highest optical resolution available in a non-military application, a secure data policy, and best-in-class flight times,” he said. “The DroneSense/Autel partnership

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