Matternet Flight Director: UAS Control Center

Matternet is seeking an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Flight Director to join the team and direct operations within these networks.

A Matternet Flight Director is responsible for remotely directing drone network operations in Switzerland from the Matternet Mission Control center in Dübendorf near Zurich. Matternet will provide the necessary specific initial training and certification to be able to monitor information such as air traffic, weather and systems health and make a fly or no-fly decision. He/She also manages separation between Matternet aircraft and other aircraft, takes in flight safety decisions and communicates effectively with the team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating procedures and technical documentation across the drone airline and has a strong background in aviation safety. Occasional travel may be necessary.

You will be working with a young and innovative team at the forefront of a new era in aviation. You will not only work as a Flight Director but be part of defining commercial drone operations.

You will: Safely supervise flight operations from Matternet Mission Control center in Dübendorf near Zurich, following the safety concepts defined in the Flight Operations manuals. Manage and coordinate communications with onsite Matternet operators. Make fly or no-fly decision according to procedures, observations and experience. Monitor the system, and when determined necessary, take action to maintain safety Interface directly with customers and Air Traffic Control (ATC) when necessary Understands Risk and its assessment according to aviation standards. Be knowledgeable in Matternet’s technology stack, understanding the impact of proposed technology changes to flight operations. Participate in new technology development. Provide valuable feedback. Report issues and lessons learned. Issue safety reports and contribute to safety assessments relevant to the Flight Director role or other areas of the drone airline. Contribute to the improvement of operational procedures and documentation specifically towards standardization. Strong Contribution to the general technical and operational documentation for the airline. Contribute to the safety management system of the airline. Day to day job duties 50-80% of your time will be spent in active Flight Directing The other 20-50% of the time will focus on improving safety of the airline by performing aviation safety activities (review of safety reports, conducting safety assessments, maintaining a positive safety culture) under the supervision of the safety manager of the airline. Developing and improving procedures as well as contribution to operations documentation. Responsibilities you will take on in the first 3

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