Foxtech T30S Duel Screen GCS

T30 series is a portable and professional ground control station(GCS) with 10.1 inch HD and high-brightnesstouch screen display, integrating data link, video link, radio controller and PC system all in one. Many functions are achieved in T30 series, such as drone control, gimbal control, real-time flight status feedback, data and video transmission, route planning, etc. The industrial-grade computer and military-grade transmission links not only ensure the security and stability of the drones, but also are simple to operate and easy to carry. 

T30 series includes two versions: single-screen T30 GCS, and dual-screen T30S GCS, which features light weight and compact size for use and transportation. The body is made of aircraft aluminum.Max. display resolution of HD screen is 1920*1200, and max. brightness can reach up to 800CD. T30 series has 23 channels for operation, realizing a high degree of flight control and versatility. And dual SBUS output is able to control the drone and payload. There are two types of transmitter to choose for different user needs: V30 data and video transmitter and R20 data transmitter.V30 supports frequencies of 800MHz/1.4GHz, and the frequency of R20 is 900MHz. The communication range can reach up to 15km.

Besides, the GCS has a built-in 3S 10200mAh Lipo battery which could provide 3 hours operation time with full capacity. The external 12V battery is also available. This long endurance is enough for most of inspection jobs.

The T30 series GCS is a portable, easy-to-use tool. Our complete GCS solutions are compatible with most of Foxtech drones, such as RHEA 160GAIA 160S HexacopterGreat Shark 330 VTOLBABY SHARK 260 VTOL , which can be controlled manually or automatically by T30 series. Equipped with EH series cameras with Ethernet video output, like EH30 Series Starlight Camera, EH640TM Series IR Thermal CameraEH640L IR Laser Night Vision CameraEH2000 20.1 Mega Pixels Gimbal Camera, it is a great combo for powerline inspection, bridge inspection, wind turbine inspection, search and rescue, police patrol, etc.

Note: buy T30&V30 or T30S&V30 combo, get rubber ducky antenna for free!


T30 Series GCS

Dimension: 364mm(L)*190mm(W)*40mm(H)

Weight: 1900g(T30), 3100g(T30S)

Channel: 23

Control range: 15KM

Output power: Max. 25 dBm

Remote control latency: 40ms

Battery capacity: 12V/10200mAh, external battery is available

Endurance: 3H with full capacity

Display screen: 10.1 inch+touch screen+800cd/sunlight readable screen

Resolution: 1920*1200

Processor: Intel i7 5th generation 5500U

Memory: 8GB DDR3L

Storage capacity: 128GB

Operation system: Windows 10

Three proofings: IP53

Network type: 4G/WIFI(optional)

Interface: USB3.0, 4G card slot, LAN, Audio, Amplifier, HDMI 

Operating temperature: -10~+60℃

V30 Transmitter

Dimension: 91mm*57mm*20mm

Weight: 120g(exclude antennas)

Frequency:  800MHZ:806-826MHZ


Wireless modulation mode: OFDM

Video input: LAN port、HDMI(optional)、CVBS

Wireless signal bandwidth: 10MHz/20MHz

Coding mode: H.265/H.264

Power supply voltage: 7.4~12V

Data output interface: UART *1/SBUS *2

HDMI interface type: Type A

Operation current: 300MA(12V power input)


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