RID, Who Doesn’t Like To Ex Parte?

For the bag holders and Best Buy flyers, “ex parte” is Latin and loosely translates to
a backroom deal, or sometimes just good old-fashioned private, public rulemaking.

This RID thing is going to be great; everyone over at the FAA has been promising the bag-holder unfettered BVLOS (not just the dutiful and rule-abiding Drone Zone using PrecisionHawk anymore), and over people flying. Like getting the veritable keys to the kingdom, or at least the equivalent of sitting b!#ch in the backseat of the 78 Firebird mit Scorpion style sideburns.

For those of you that love yourselves up some draconian data logging, you’ll be getting everything the AOPA was afraid their members would get with ADS-B.

Sure, everyone is all about safety until the lobbying starts. And that is how the not in all
airspace Sky King VFR flight plan was saved. Kind of like how FPV went under the regulatory radar for the RC hobbyist. I don’t even think that would be doable in today’s clampdown climate, as all of the unwavering friends of RC have routinely shafted the hobbyist for a crack at a RID mandate. The payoff is close, maybe even in Santa Mao’s big red bag for some of you?

And who amongst you is not going to appreciate some profit chilling landing fees?

Hopefully, some of us will be lucky enough to pay for Amazon’s infrastructure. Old Jeff Bezos just went through a messy divorce, and the poor dude is down on his luck; why should he have to pay when the FAA has a bag holder who is ready and willing to pay? This lucrative real estate photography market should provide enough landing fees to buy up radar units like burritos at a street fair. Anyway, the ASH biz-plan is to log data for enforcement, both the future and past, and this data logging won’t be in China. (See FOIA #1 below)

Would you like your RID spoofable or hackable?

Everybody has got choices, and you can apparently either go with the FAA enabled
Chinese product mandate reinforcing the monopoly, or door number two, buy Intel’s aftermarket solution. Good news! The RID part of the T-Mobile subscription is free if you purchase the data package. It gives a fellow warm cockles when he thinks about everyone who is just looking out for the RC hobbyist. With all of the love, AMA might even be able to fire

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