Aertos 130IR Autonomous Rugged American

The Aertos 130IR drone wraps the latest AI tech in a rugged frame ready for confined spaces: it’s a tool made for the harshest places and toughest jobs. No other drone matches the 130IR’s combination of stability, advanced software, spherical sensor suite, and mapping and tracking capabilities—all designed and built in America.

It’s a tool, not a toy.

Advanced AI Navigation Software

Every Aertos drone contains our patented Folded Geometry Framework (FGF®). This unique AI system allows the drone to self-correct during flight, providing for unparalleled stability in confined spaces and GPS-denied environments. The FGF® navigation code intelligently fuses information from all internal and external sensors regardless of signal quality. If any external sensor fails, becomes ineffective, or is obscured, the 130IR remains stable.


All Aertos commercial drones fly in harsh situations every single day, and the Aertos 130IR is no exception. Its cutting-edge technology and rugged, collision-tolerant frame make it the ideal choice in treacherous environments. We designed the 130IR for rough-and-tumble, real-world applications: to power up and fly stably under bridges, inside pipes, in power plants, mines, chimneys, and more.

Tracking & 3D Mapping

Nine advanced external sensing elements work together to further enhance stability, measure distances, track the environment, and create maps suitable for engineering and architectural applications. The FGF® integrates these real-time, state-of-the-art sensors to take indoor and outdoor stability to a whole new level. When added to the 130IR’s inherent flight stability, data from these tracking and mapping capabilities provide incredible utility to real customers doing real work in confined spaces, such as sewer pipes or mine shafts.

Inspection Imaging

The Sony optical camera on the 130IR uses a state-of-the-art CCD array to achieve wide ISO dynamic range and low-light capability using a low-distortion ZEISS® Tessar lens, delivering images in a large MPEG format. The 130IR also carries a Boson imager from FLIR® and a high-resolution FPV camera to assist manual flight. The drone’s internal Nvidia processing array overlays data from these imagers using onboard video processing, while also integrating all other sensing element views such as tracking, mapping, and a spherical view of the world.


We designed the Aertos 130IR controller for an unlimited future. It’s a serious, rugged tool designed and built in America by experienced pilots and engineers. The controller’s own Nvidia engine supports Linux and achieves advanced image and data processing power unparalleled in the industry. A

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