Swiss energy company keeps employees safe using the Elios 2 in treacherous mountain pass

Employees at a Swiss energy supply company used the Elios 2 to keep employees safe during a pit inspection in Grimsel Pass, Switzerland.

October 14, 2020—A new video highlights the ways personnel at Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG used the Elios 2 to improve safety during the construction of a dam in Grimsel Pass, Switzerland.

Personnel from Swiss energy supply company Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (KWO) explain how they were able to keep employees out of harm’s way by using Flyability’s Elios 2 to collect visual data while building a new dam.

The dam is being built in Grimsel Pass, Switzerland, an area that crosses the Bernese Alps at an elevation of 1.2 miles (1,900 meters), presenting difficult working conditions. The road that follows the pass is closed from October through May due to the snow and harsh weather it receives, which means that work on the dam can only be completed during the summer months.

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As part of the efforts to build the new dam, the KWO team needed to conduct a thorough visual inspection of a deep pit before installing an elevator in it. Inspectors used the Elios 2 to collect all of the visual data needed to determine whether it was safe to proceed with construction of the elevator.

Without the use of a remote visual inspection tool like the Elios 2, the pit inspection would have been performed manually by lowering inspectors down via rope access or from a crane. Since the drone was able to collect all of the visual data needed to proceed with construction, inspectors were kept out of harm’s way, standing safely outside the pit.

“Today we are continuously looking for new technologies, which will let machines and robots go into dangerous situations and avoid putting human lives at risk,” says Pascal Reber, the Civil Engineering Site Manager at KWO. “The excellent results delivered by Elios 2 will allow us  to plan our next project knowing our crew will be safe.”

The Elios 2 presented a unique solution for the pit inspection because it employs a drone cage, which allows it to collide and continue flying. The design makes it ideal for missions in confined or difficult conditions, such as inside a boiler or pressure vessel, or, as in this case, a pit blasted into the side of a mountain.

In addition to helping keep personnel safe, the Elios 2 helped the KWO team significantly speed up the

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