Aquiline Launches Drone On Demand Mobile App

Source: Aquiline Drones

Aquiline Drones is set to launch a new app to match drone operators with clients.

Connecticut-based company says its Drone-on-Demand” (DoD) mobile app is the first of its kind.

“Many individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, public works departments, and the military are missing out on the invaluable data collection capabilities of drones because they lack the resources for an in-house drone operation,” Aquiline founding CEO Barry Alexander said.

“Akin to Uber and Lyft, individuals and businesses can now enjoy the luxury and convenience of ordering both private and commercial drone services right from their fingertips. A modern-day convenience everyone should have.”

The app will be accessible through all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users may order several drone services:

aerial photography/videography utility inspections (power lines, wind turbines, bridges, tunnels and railroad tracks) outdoor events real estate video safety patrol/search-and-rescue missions precision farming tracking wildlife

“Beyond simple viewing and camera capabilities, the drones manufactured and deployed by Aquiline Drones are managed and supported by the world’s first aviation-inspired drone cloud that gathers, analyzes, models and stores data and video,” says Alexander.

Alexander notes that drones can be difficult to control for novices. One bad move and an amateur pilot could be looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage, or a full drone replacement. Drones also have an unfortunate reputation as annoying gadgetry utilized to invade privacy.

He adds that DoD addresses all of these issues and utilizes artificial intelligence to essentially remove the risk of hardware loss and liability from bad piloting associated with consumer drone ownership.

A company press release describes Aquiline Drones as a “Black-owned, independent, all-American drone company founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers and IT gurus.”

“We envision a world in which humans and drones live and operate harmoniously, using their real-time control, autonomy and analytics to reduce costs, create new business value and save lives,” Alexander said.

“At the same time, we recognize the responsibility of ensuring our equipment works within a legal and ethical framework through our collaboration with the FAA and other government and public-interest organizations.”

In July, Aquiline announced the launch Flight to the Future, an online drone-as-a-startup training program targeting would-be drone entrepreneurs, seasoned aviators, drone enthusiasts and the general public.

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