GADFIN powerline infrastructure inspection

Israel’s GADFIN drone company has signed an investment and collaboration agreement with ENEL, the world’s largest electricity infrastructure company, through its Infralab innovation lab, to develop innovative inspection solutions and work together towards enabling survey 800,000 km of the company’s voltage lines

GADFIN is also conducting urban airborne cargo deliveries for the first time in Israel

Enel and Gadfin will work together through INFRALAB, the Innovation lab of Enel and Shikun&Binuilocated in Haifa, to develop and demonstrate the inspection capabilities for Gadfin Spirit One eVTOL air-vehicle.

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Gadfin was chosen from among 35 different companies as the most innovative solution to solve the challenge of inspecting electrical infrastructures with efficient and sustainable technology, after presenting its exceptional long range performance capabilities. The significance of implementing GADFIN solution could reach up to $12M per annum for Gadfin.

Choosing Gadfin constitutes a breakthrough in the company’s international activities, and is based on its inherent ability to scan long distances quickly, efficiently and safely with the Gadfin Spirit One, its unmanned long range eVTOL autonomous aircraft. This is how Gadfin can assure ENEL of unique advanced service that would amount to significant savings on ENEL operating teams and handling breakdowns in remote, hard to access areas, while providing continuous electrical flow to its clients worldwide.

Gadfin successfully achieved a breakthrough in the field and is offering the world, for the very first time, an 25Kg MTOW category electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) unmanned air- vehicle with a flight range of more than 250 km. The Gadfin Spirit One aircraft upholds the strictest international safety standards, flies at high speed, and in almost all weather. According to Gadfin’s CEO Eyal Regev: “The agreement with INFRALAB and ENEL choice once again proves GADFIN’s technological advantages and the outstanding solutions it offers for long flight range, low operational costs, and high levels of safety. I am sure that we will see similar contracts in the future, which will leverage the company’s ability to improve the efficiency and service for many companies in the world, which in the end translates into savings for each and every one of us.

Gadfin also became the first to receive Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority permit for urban airspace deliveries at the start of 2020 which would enable linking hospitals, laboratories, and diverse organizations and institutions by drones. The company holds several breakthrough patents, including a first of its

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