AZDroneFest and Education Expo is Virtual – So You Won’t Want to Miss It

This year’s AZDroneFest and Education Expo is going virtual – and with a film festival, keynote speakers, informational panels and training classes, drone photographers and interested parties from anywhere in the world will want to attend.  The AZDroneFest will be held October 22 – 24, 2020: you can check out the agenda here and register at this link.

AZ DroneFest will feature speakers from all over the industry  – from top name drone photographers and videographers to legal experts and FAA representatives.  The film festival offers 8 categories to choose from – watch aerial perspective artwork in a variety of genres and be inspired!

Then hear top industry players discuss the drone world: from getting out to play to where to find paying jobs, and every topic in between. Learn from broad discussions about what’s next in drone technology, or narrow and deep technical sessions on topics like camera and sensor optimization.  The AZ DroneFest has something for everyone: hobbyists, pros, filmmakers, public safety personnel, or anyone who’s ever thought about trying their hand at drones.

Learn more about what to expect October 22 – 24, 2020 in the short film below.  Then don’t forget to register here – for only $30 for all sessions and no travel costs, it’s one of the great deals in drone conferences.

[embedded content]

2020 AZDroneFest & Education Expo from Prime Cinematography Consulting on Vimeo.

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