peRISKop WSMI2, Modular wearable mission control station

peRISKop, the system consists of only three light components fully compatible with the MOLLE/PALS military attachment standard. The fold-up chest console, the shoulder radio pack and the mini hand-held controller are all integrated closely to your body with minimal high flex cabling, without interfering with your field activity.

Since it works perfectly with all heavy plate carriers, light vests and even simple chest harnesses, it provides an effective wearable solution for all industrial, search & rescue, law enforcement and military applications, where your hands are normally full of the tools of your trade. It only adds a total weight of less than 1400g to your equipment, yet it provides all the functionality you would normally expect from a desk-mount mission control station.

There’s no more cumbersome unpacking and field assembly, just fold out the tablet on your chest rig, and you’re ready to go. Even the waterproof connection system is designed for safety through simplicity.

The shoulder-mounted IP data-link is only activated when it’s connected to the chest rig for easy power control, and the single cable is simply threaded through any PALS webbing.

The miniature hand-held controller is equipped with dual hand sensors that can switch your UAV to pre-programmed safety modes like RTL, loiter or sniper evasion if you have to drop it to reach for your weapon, tools or just a safe handhold. All connectors are also equipped with push-pull locks, so there’s no accidental disconnect even in the weirdest of body postures during the craziest action.

We’ve tested the entire set on dozens of different body sizes, MOLLE/PALS compatible vests, chest harnesses and even backpacks to see if we’ve missed something, but it works every time. We can also fit the tablet mount between the padded shoulder straps of even non-military specific backpacks without an additional chest harness, and it works as a piggy-back on top of an admin pack just as well. We’ve also thought about applications where a front zip on a light load-bearing vest would normally interfere
with a chest pack, so we’ve created a two-piece adapter plate to allow such split mounting options.

While the original idea was to provide a dismounted soldier with a light sUAS control and communication set, all industrial, S&R and law enforcement applications can make good use of a wearable comms peRISKop and data collection pack. If you work mobile or outdoors, carry other gear and you

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