Skeyetech autonomous drones make industry safer

Intrusions, malicious acts, ignitions, leaks of hazardous materials… sensitive and industrial sites are exposed to numerous risks and require the highest levels of safety and security. Being able to assess quickly any situation, anytime, anywhere, has become crucial for site managers and executives.

To help reduce risk exposure, Azur Drones has been working for more than 4 years on the drone-in-a-box technology. Fully autonomous, SKEYETECH drone solution offers increased vision, mobility and reactivity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

SKEYETECH integrates into the existing security network and automatically takes off in case of an alert to quickly confirm the threat. It replaces security teams in their tedious or dangerous patrols, whether for surveillance or inspection. It also offers aerial support in the event of crisis management.

Developing autonomous drones implies:

Mastering advanced technologies to design autonomous drone system. Establishing new standards of quality and reliability, close to aeronautical standards. Pushing the boundaries of drone regulation to seek approval for autonomous flights. In
early 2019, Azur Drones obtained the first DGAC (French authorities) approval for an
autonomous drone with its Skeyetech system.

More information:

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