Microdrones as a Service

New Rent-or-Own Program Expands Availability, Offers Flexibility, Matches Budgets that Develop Growth Partnerships

You operate a small surveying business. An increasing array of capable technologies can make your deliverables more precise and proficient. But a purchase might be a budget-buster, especially in a coronavirus-afflicted business environment.

You run a medium-sized mining company with a surveying need to make on-going volume calculation. But you also work on other projects, which makes you worry about buying equipment that might restrict operational flexibility.

Or perhaps you’re a major multilocation firm with construction and pipeline projects coming fast and furious. Your scale and recurring business justify operating a fleet of UAS, but the intricacies of fleet management are affecting efficient operations.

Especially at the small and mid-size level, your company may face fundamental business conundrums. How can you satisfy your enthusiasm for the best evolving technology without making a big capital investment? How can you maintain cash flow by reducing payments so your project profits can cover them?

Enter the new Microdrones as a Service program. Announced on May 1, mdaaS- Microdrones as a Service is a new business model that offers competitive pricing for high-end bundled solutions. It marks a customer-focused shift from Microdrones offering drones and data solutions to the company providing convenient packaging of survey equipment, software, workflow, training, and pay per project or unlimited data post processing. mdaaS allows customers to select plans according to their business needs and anticipated usage (pricing details available from your Microdrones representative).

From Paris to New York State, if you ask around the company’s C-suites, the phrase you’ll repeatedly hear is… Game-Changer.

Customer-focused Flexibility

Surveying professionals worldwide trust Microdrones for the quality of its professional drone applications, whether LiDAR or photogrammetry, calibration or algorithms. Microdrones solutions enable success, from surveying with mdMapper models to penetrating tree canopy via systems up to and including the mdLiDAR3000DL. But quality has its price, and uncertain business conditions can make aligning project needs, cost, and systems and software a tricky process for end users. By establishing various price points, mdaaS lets customers access top-end solutions while budgeting accurately, both internally and for the estimates they provide to their own customers.

“I’m really excited about this new program,” Microdrones President Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil said. “It’s really a game-changer for us, and I think for the land surveyors too.”

“Microdrones is well known for the quality of its products and the quality of the data that

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