Drone Disinfection Service To Clean Indoor Spaces

Image: CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

Drone disinfection  – using modified spraying drones to disinfect large public areas – was first used in China during the initial phases of the current pandemic.  Now, environmental solutions company OMI will offer drone disinfection services for large indoor spaces, such as sports arenas or convention centers.

OMI deals with industrial cleanup – everything from oil spills and hazmat response to waste management services.  As the country longs for the return of sporting events and business conferences are put back on the calendar, drone disinfection offers a great example of applied technology.  It’s an enhanced cleaning service that is a cost and labor efficient way of disinfecting large areas.

The drone disinfection services use EPA-approved agents that reportedly kill 99.9% of viruses or bacteria in minutes. The services can be used to efficiently sanitize large indoor spaces: covered stadiums, sports arenas, convention centers, and warehouses.

MLB affected by CoronaVirus

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The coronavirus presents a difficult problem for many areas of the economy including sporting events.  Baseball stadium and basketball court seating is very close (also true for theaters and concert halls), with common areas that were not designed for any kind of social distancing.  This is also true for in-person events such as conventions, designed for large numbers of people in close proximity.  Drone events such as AUVSI and InterDrone have had to postpone events in the US due to the current crisis.

Drone disinfection services that would allow the efficient spraying of agents on a scheduled basis may help to solve one piece of the puzzle.   Using the drones indoors reduces some  legal requirements.

Announcing Drone Disinfection Services using EPA-approved agents that kill 99.9% of viruses/bacteria in minutes. Efficiently sanitize large spaces-covered stadiums, sports arenas, convention centers, warehouses, & much more! #OMIdisinfects #dronedisinfection #OMIcares #KsolvGroup pic.twitter.com/7djsp9IAtW

— OMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES) (@OMIESresponse) May 11, 2020

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