Autonomous Drones: French Manufacturer Azur Demonstrates Skeyetech [VIDEO]

Autonomous drones – those that can be programmed to execute missions from a distance – are a growing market segment.  While U.S. regulations for flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) do not yet accomodate fully remote operations, in other countries autonomous drones have taken a significant role in industrial applications.  French manufacturer Azur Drones has joined the market with Skeyetech, and industrial autonomous platform demonstrated in this video.

In remote areas where constant security is desirable – but constant staffing is unsafe, expensive or impracticable –  drones  that can operate without human pilots offer the perfect solution.  Sophisticated software means that the platform can be integrated directly with security systems.  For sensitive infrastructure like power plants; oil and gas facilities; data centers; or shipping and logistics centers; where theft or smuggling may be a critical issue; autonomous 24/7 surveillance drones offer a new and more effective tool.

Skyetech offers the “drone in the box” solution (the base station recharges the aircraft) and is a resilient and weatherproof, rugged system designed to be left alone.  Combined with sophisticated sensors and integrations that make data readily available to stakeholders, Azur has an impressive industrial offering.

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