UAV Propulsion Tech Representing Suter Industries AG/CAE GmbH to Market their UAV Engine Solutions

UAV Propulsion Tech has signed a representative agreement with Suter Industries AG (Turbenthal, Switzerland) and Compass Aircraft Europe GmbH (Vienna, Austria) to market their advanced UAV engine solutions. UAV Propulsion Tech currently represents several global organizations and has been providing advanced technology and hardware solutions to defense and commercial UAV customers since 2007. Bob Schmidt, president and founder of UAV Propulsion Tech has been working with 2-stroke UAV engine providers and customers since 2003. Suter/CAE have been working together for the past two years developing new UAV engines that meet the demanding performance and reliability needs of the UAV market.

Suter Industries AG produces the UAV engines that were co-developed with Compass Aircraft Europe (CAE). Suter Industries’ roots go back to motorcycle racing era of the 1990s. Eskil Suter was a successful Grand Prix racing driver and founded the Suter Racing company in 1996. The company is known for their “SuterClutch” and other products for the motorcycle racing market including high-performance engines, motorcycles and various components. In 2015, Suter Racing launched a four-cylinder 2-stroke racing motorcycle that was developed and produced in house including the Suter500 engine. Since 2002 Suter Industries has applied their expertise gained from the motorcycle racing market to develop products for other markets including automotive, aerospace and defense industries. The Suter/CAE collaboration and development of UAV engines is one of the new products coming out of Suter Industries.

Compass Aircraft Europe is lead by Dietrich Kehe who is a mechanical engineer with over 24 years’ experience in manned and unmanned 2-stroke aircraft engines. He received his engineering degree with a focus on combustion engines from the University of Hochschule für Technik – Esslingen (Stuttgart, Germany area). Dietrich has developed clean sheet engine designs for advanced UAV applications utilizing advanced electronic fuel injection (including direct injection) technology. These include complete propulsion systems with integrated starter-generators, engine mounts and belt/gear reduction drive systems. These solutions are flying on some of the world’s most advanced UAV applications. Dietrich also has an understanding of the supply base required to design/produce advanced 2-stroke engines and teamed with Suter Industries to be the development and production partner to bring a new line of advanced UAV engines to the global market. The first engine to be developed by the Suter/CAE team is the Suter 288 engine which is a twin cylinder, horizontal opposed, air cooled, two cycle engine, with fuel saving electronic

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