The Barbados Drone Ban Continues [VIDEO]

It may seem like the stunning geography and beautiful weather of the Caribbean would be ideal for drones – but the continued Barbados drone ban makes it almost impossible for the drone industry to grow there, despite the need for drone help in search and rescue, security, and development projects.

Barbados drone regulations prohibit the import of drones and, while allowing pilots who had their licenses prior to the ban to renew them, does not allow new pilots to legally register and certify.   The ban on imports means that new drones are not available in Barbados, nor are parts for repair or upgrade of existing hardware.

In a short video press release meant to bring attention to the issue, Phil Archer, the VP of the Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) says that this puts locals at an unfair disadvantage.  Archer points out that while foreign companies may apply for a waiver to bring drone technology into the country for projects, local companies can’t use the same tools – making them less competitive for development contracts and other work.

Additionally, as many places with overly restrictive drone regulations have found, a ban on new drones doesn’t mean a ban on flying.  New pilots without official resources available, however, may not learn to fly with the training and safety resources that they need.  Watch the video press release below for more information about the Barbados drone ban.

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