Autonomous Drones Wins Award for Percepto

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Market research firm Frost and Sullivan recently awarded autonomous drones developer Percepto with the 2020 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award for its “best-in-class, end-to-end autonomous drone-in-a-box solution.”

The Israeli UAV company offers a platform that includes the autonomous, weatherproof Sparrow drone equipped with UHD (4k) RGB and thermal cameras, as well as Percepto Base (a base station for recharging and sheltering the aircraft) and PerceptoCore, a suite of comprehensive data management and analytics software.

Frost and Sullivan noted Percepto’s “proprietary advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning boosts the functionality and value of the platform, giving it a significant competitive edge over other solutions.”

“Operators can remotely start, monitor, and complete tasks with Percepto’s autonomous, intelligent drones through the cloud-based, user-intuitive dashboard, allowing them to continue their business operations from anywhere in the world,” said Michael Blades, Frost and Sullivan’s Vice President – Aerospace, Defense, and Security.

“It notifies operators in real time, enabling operations and security teams to respond to incidents proactively, ultimately optimizing productivity, safety, and security. Further, it monitors a client’s worksite for any external interference, such as a malicious or unauthorized individual, drone, or vehicle; safety risks such as leaking pipes, or improper safety practices such as an employee not wearing a hard hat or high-visibility safety vest.”

Last year, Percepto trialed autonomous drones over SK Telecom’s 5G trial network in South Korea. In 2018, the company teamed up with port-security firm CERTUS Port Automation to provide a fleet of autonomous drones to protect maritime ports and terminals.

“Percepto complements its technology with stellar customer support and an unwavering commitment to meeting business-specific needs for clients,” Blades added in a statement. “In 2019, Percepto added fully-automated high-resolution two-dimensional mapping capabilities and three-dimensional modeling to meet customer and market demands. The company’s customer base and revenues continue to grow as potential clients and existing customers recognize its unique drone offering and price/performance value.”

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