UK Firm Will Provide Drone Fuel Cells via Robotic Skies

Source: RoboticSkies

UAV-services provider Robotic Skies is teaming up with UK fuel-cell startup Intelligent Energy to offer expanded, post-sale support for drone fuel cells.

Intelligent Energy manufactures very light, power-dense hydrogen fuel cells used for many drone applications, especially projects requiring longer flight times, like drone delivery.

“Intelligent Energy fuel cells achieve three times the flight duration compared to batteries and their lightweight design means they can lift larger UAVs and carry heavier payloads,” a Robotic Skies press releases states.

“Fuel cell technology is similar to battery technology in that individual cells are built up to give the desired power output. However, fuel cells do not run out of charge as batteries do and will produce power for as long as hydrogen fuel is provided to the cell. Hydrogen is readily available around the world, often generated using green energy.”

The partnership will focus on the North American market. Intelligent Energy will design, manufacture and sell drone fuel cells. Robotic Skies, through its global network of service centers, will provide maintenance and other ground support services for Intelligent Energy’s customers.

“The North American market is important to us and as such we welcome this new partnership with Robotic Skies,” Intelligent Energy Chief Sales Officer Lee Juby said.

“Their global network of commercial UAV service centers will provide additional support to our customers and help them to deliver more from their UAVs by unlocking longer flight time and higher payload capability. Together we can accelerate sales of the smallest and lightest fuel cell UAV products on the market today.”

“Intelligent Energy’s advanced fuel cell system is the kind of innovation that drives the commercial UAV market forward,” Robotic Skies CEO Brad Hayden said. “Our partnership will give operators and manufacturers a path to integrate this game-changing technology into new and existing unmanned aircraft platforms.”

Intelligent Energy entered the drone fuel cells market in 2017, supplying air-cooled, fuel-cell systems to PINC, a provider of logistics and inventory management solutions for UAS.

Last year, carbon-fiber vessel designer HyPerComp Engineering announced a new partnership to provide compressed hydrogen fuel tanks (drone fuel cells) for commercial drone company Ballard Unmanned Systems.

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