Avision Begins No-Contact Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies

In another example of drone companies playing a productive role in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (and in some cases a critical one),  Avision began no-contact drone delivery of medical supplies.  Avision announced that over the last few weeks they have been working with drone pilots in San Mateo county in the US to deliver needed medical supplies powered by their no-contact automated drone delivery system.

These are becoming more common throughout the world as has been written about in DroneLife for a similar application in the UK.

Image courtesy of Avison and Dive Delivery

Avision’s airspace and flight management system is being used to power no-contact automated drone delivery.

The press release states, “Over the last few weeks, the company has been working with drone pilots in San Mateo county in testing contactless delivery of face masks and other essential items.  While many states have issued mandatory facial protection policies and acquiring critical supplies can create undue risk, the company is helping residents cope with the crisis and comply with government regulations.” 

They go on to explain,  “Delivery operations are conducted under FAA Part 107 regulations by certified remote pilots.  Mission planning, airspace authorization, and flight execution are managed by the Avision App.  The off-the-shelf drone is fitted with an air drop system, while release control is programmed into the Avision flight platform.  The drone takes off from a predefined location via an automated waypoint mission, flies to the front or back yard, lowers into the marked location, automatically releases the package, and returns to the launch base via the same flight path.”

“Avision demonstrates a fully integrated out-of-the-box solution for last-mile logistics. For additional safety and operational visibility, we utilize Avision UTM. UTM technology will unlock the ability to more readily launch complex drone operations including beyond visual line of sight.  Seeing the system in action, I am excited about the potential of autonomous drone delivery, even if we start with small lightweight goods” – says Stan Khlevner, CEO of Dive Delivery and FAA certified remote pilot.

“Today, we announce a major platform update for professional pilots – a new method of automated delivery with integrated air drop capabilities. Avision iOS and Android App updates are being rolled out to the marketplace. We are excited to support our communities and welcome FAA certified Part 107 pilots to create an account on the Avision website and take advantage of the

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