The worlds largest coral rehabilitation project, with the help of drones

Founded in Malaysia in 2010 by Anuar Abdullah, Ocean Quest Global is an environmental organization at work in seven countries through Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. After years of research, Ocean Quest has created its own techniques, methodology and material for coral reef rehabilitation, which are based on the idea that coral can be restored on a large scale, in an all-natural and non-invasive way.

The organization is actively adopting new technology to greatly speed-up the process, and are using aerial drones, GIS mapping and 360° imaging to survey and map areas, as well as ROV’s which can offer a greater degree of accuracy in difficult conditions when compared to traditional methods. The organization is working on large scale rehabilitation of damaged coral reefs from their base on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, and have also been involved in the recent regeneration efforts taking place at Maya Bay in Thailand. The group are now actively seeking support from corporations wanting to become a part of the worlds largest coral rehabilitation program.

Founder Anuar Abdullah, commented, “As technology is expanding rapidly in the world, coral reef conservation especially in the rehabilitation field is lacking behind. It still remain at the level of the line, slate, and pencil. That primitive approach have to change. Ocean Quest is investing in the newer technology that will restore damaged reef quicker than ever. By engaging multi-discipline experts we will take many task not possible from the marine biologist to a new and better platform. Now the Ocean Quest system requires 4 years to reach full transfer of technology to the local community. This new approach aims to reduce this time to half. See results within 2 years! Corporations wanting to be part of this progress in encourage to come forward and step into the world largest coral rehabilitation project.”

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