Crafty YouTubers construct Thor Hammer drone

YouTube channel FliteTest has released a new video in which they design, build and test a real-life version of Thor’s famous hammer, Mjölnir.

Thor is the chiselled Norse god of thunder as well as the star of more Marvel movies than you can shake a giant flying hammer at.

Those familiar with his character will know that he’s seldom without his trusty and extremely heavy weapon, Mjölnir, pronounced Myoll-neer.

Mjölnir, according to Norse mythology is one of the most powerful weapons in existence. It’s capable of destroying mountains and helping Thor achieve flight. Whenever Thor is separated from his hammer, he raises his hand and it flies at great speed into his grasp.

The aim of the crew at FliteTest was to make a drone that would look just like the Mjölnir we see in the movies and have it move in a smooth manner upright through the air.  A bit of cardboard, some paint, a quadcopter base and a lot of testing and hey presto, they made a very impressive flying hammer. You can check out their full project in the video link below.

FliteTest is not the first channel to have a crack at building a Thor hammer drone. In 2017, YouTuber Allen Pan also built a Mjölnir quadcopter, although his design was a bit more basic than that constructed by FliteTest.

FliteTest was founded in 2010 with the mission to “Entertain, educate and elevate the world of flight.”

They have 1.8 million subscribers and regularly construct all manner of interesting flying contraptions. Recent projects have included a flying Harry Potter car and an RC Bullet Bill from the Mario franchise.

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