New mind control drone headset available to the masses on Kickstarter

Today Kickstarter is hosting the launch of a new mind-controlled drone and headset.

Chinese company EEGSmart have developed brain-machine interface (BMI) technology which they intend to market to the masses through their UDrone mini-quad and UMind Lite headset.

A year ago we brought you a story about drones you can control with your mind on display at a technology expo in Dubai. Since that time, the tech has continued to advance and EEGSmart’s launch may represent the next step forward in the ‘mind-control’ wearables market.

The UDrone is a small, lightweight craft with 2-inch props and comes equipped with an 8 megapixel, 1080p capable camera. It comes with face-tracking and gesture recognition and can stay airborne for around 7 minutes, according to the testing conducted by Loz Blain from New Atlas.

The headset has multiple inbuilt sensors which measure your brain’s electrical activity, as well as eye movements and response to your nerve’s stimulation of muscles. New Atlas writes that the device also:

“Has gyros and accelerometers, and patented gear built in to amplify signal and squash noise from the finicky brain and nerve sensors.”

Loz Blain described the UMind Lite headset as “not perfect” but also noted that it offered us a “glimpse of a mind-controlled future.”

You can watch the video of his test below:

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