Australian company AEV Robotics announces a modular electric vehicle system

AEV Robotics, an Australian robotics company from Melbourne is aiming to change the world of fleet vehicles with a new modular vehicle system concept, dubbed the MVS. Working in partnership with the University of Melbourne among others, and a team including former General Motors staff, the company has been working on the vehicle for three years and has unveiled it to a wide audience for the first time at CES. “Instead of adding technology to upgrade traditional cars, we’ve started from a clean sheet and built a completely new vehicle,” said Julian Broadbent, CEO, AEV Robotics. The new vehicle is based on a modular system, with different “pods” attaching to the universal base system, ensuring easier and less expensive manufacturing. The base is controlled via a programmable digital interface in the pod. Continue> #drone#drones #DroneExpert #Tech #AutonomousVehicles #Technology #Robotics

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