How do drones and augmented reality work together?

Adding drones and augmented reality together changes the way humans interact with drones, says IEEE member Todd Richmond, offering hands-free control over real-time drone operation. Before jumping into how drones and augmented reality mix, let’s look at drones themselves. A drone uses sensors to make decisions — for example, direction, speed, etc. — and those sensors feed algorithms to make those decisions. The reality for the drone is it presumably has a task along with a desire, at the risk of anthropomorphizing, not to crash — i.e., manage speed and altitude. The interesting calculations come when a drone must determine whether to continue its mission or divert to avoid hurting a human or damaging property. In this case, sensor data feeds the algorithms, and the algorithms have to determine the proper course of action. This scenario has nothing to do with augmented reality as it is typically described or discussed. Continue> #drone#drones #uav #uas #DroneExpert #Tech #DroneOperator #sUAS #Rpas #AutonomousVehicles #Technology #Ai #AR

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