Future military technology: Nine innovations set to revolutionise the global defence industry

Future military technology has been on display this week for the global defence industry at the MoD’s Exercise Autonomous Warrior event – and it looks set to revolutionise warfare in 2019 and beyond. AI-enabled video surveillance, autonomous eight-wheelers and a device for remotely taking down drones account for just a fraction of the future military technology set to define the global defence industry. The Exercise Autonomous Warrior event in Wiltshire, UK, which ran from 12 November to 12 December, showcased these innovations along with a plethora of others designed by niche specialists and global conglomerates alike. Run by the Ministry of Defence, the event was labelled an “Army warfighting experiment” trialling prototype unmanned aerial equipment, unmanned ground vehicles and supporting software aimed at reducing the danger to troops during combat. Continue> https://www.compelo.com/future-military-technology/ #drone#drones #uav #uas #ugv #uuv #usv #DroneExpert #DroneOperator #Military #Robotics

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