CEO of Automated Drones Company Airobotics Draws the Line at Airborne Firearms

Airobotics Ltd. is developing automatic drones capable of performing security details and land surveys at factories, refineries, and mining sites. It does so from a hangar in Petah Tikva, a lackluster Tel Aviv suburb. The company was able to pick up some big names as customers, including Intel and BHP Group, and raise over $100 million. Now it is spreading its wings and moving its headquarters to the U.S. It is also setting its sights on an additional business: securing national borders. The drones developed here execute planned missions without a need for a human guide or operator: they take off from a large custom made box-shaped docking station and go about on their pre-assigned aerial missions—security patrols, and land and resource surveys. Continue>,7340,L-3751434,00.html #drone#drones #uav #uas #usv #uuv #DroneExpert #DroneOperator #Security

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