Submersible drones deployed at Thames Estuary

A new generation of specialised drones is enabling flood defences along the Thames Estuary to be monitored in much greater detail and at lower cost, it has been revealed. Speaking at New Civil Engineer’s Flood Management Forum, Thames Estuary Management 2100 (TEAM2100) programme manager Darren Milsom said that this year’s trials of submersible and confined space drones has shown that a revolution in data collection was now on-going. “We’ve used conventional aerial drones before, to carry out lidar surveys, and continue to do so, especially on the outer estuary,” Milsom said. “They’re much more sustainable than lidar from an aircraft, and more accurate as well. “They do have their limitations, so the introduction of submersible and confined space drones is a major step forward.” Continue> #drone#drones #usv #rov #tech #robotics #oceans #Marine #Autonomous #Autonomousvehicles #RiverThames #Thames

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