SpaceX targets January for unmanned capsule test flight

CAPE CANAVERAL (FOX 13) – SpaceX is hoping to start 2019 off with another first. The private launch company is planning to send its Dragon crew capsule into space for an unmanned test flight on January 7. The launch would mark the first orbital flight of a private space taxi. While SpaceX has been sending supplies to the space station with cargo versions of the Dragon capsule for years, no humans have flown in them yet. Before that can happen, SpaceX must test the crewed version of the spacecraft, which includes life support systems that the cargo version doesn’t. The test flight will also check out other on-orbit, docking, and landing operations, plus ground support systems. Continue> #drone#drones #uav #uas #DroneExpert #DroneOperator #Aviation #NASA #SpaceX

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