Let an ROV do the dirty work – it pays off

With an ROV based net cleaner from AKVA group, fish farmers and service companies have got their hands on a more efficient tool than ever before. Now a new model is introduced, reducing net wear to an absolute minimum. As service provider to the fish farming industry, two factors matter the most to Frode Viken and his team in Vikahav AS: The net cleaning process must be as efficient as possible and without damaging their client’s nets. After the company started using its first ROV based net cleaner from AKVA group for almost two years ago, they have been able to step up their game and take on far more assignments than earlier. Continue> https://thefishsite.com/articles/let-an-rov-do-the-dirty-work-it-pays-off #drone#drones #usv #rov #tech #robotics #oceans #Marine #Autonomous #Autonomousvehicles

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