SUAS Professional Member Discounts – 10% off Unmanned Human Factors Course with SalusUAV

Clients attending SalusUAV PfCO courses are nearly always surprised by our emphasis on Human Factors. By the time they leave, they understand our reasoning for this and often ask if they can go deeper into the subject. As a direct response to this feedback we now offer a 1 day Unmanned Human Factors course. The day gives candidates a better understanding of how to improve their skill set in Situation Awareness, Decision Making, Workload Management, Communication and Automation Management. It provides the necessary cognitive tools that can enhance the safety and effectiveness of their operation. This course is relevant to unmanned operations in both aviation and marine settings. SalusUAV are a company rooted in military and airline aviation. Our training courses draw on the principles used to train professional pilots. Our view is that all the unmanned training courses currently offered have an emphasis on technical proficiency and legal compliance. This is the path that aviation training took before the value of human factors was realised in the 1980s. Human error accounts for 80% of all aviation incidents and accidents, so human factors training was introduced in order to allow pilots to recognise and deal with the causes of error. Since many NQEs in the UK come from backgrounds outside aviation, there is a very real danger that unmanned aviation training is missing the value of human factors. SalusUAV are also looking to break into the marine drone/ROV training sector with our unmanned HF course. With this in mind we are launching our Unmanned Human Factors course. This course concentrates on the “soft skills” involved in operating unmanned technology. It is drawn from our experience in both military and airline aviation. We believe it is unique in the unmanned field and are keen to push it to the entire industry, including marine unmanned operators. For more details see our website page We are very pleased to be able to offer a 10% discount to Drone Major users of £199 + VAT. **To claim your Professional Member Discount please check your ‘Member Benefits’ for instructions ** #drone#drones #uav #uas #DroneExpert #Tech #DroneOperator #Aviation #MultiRotor #Quadcopter #sUAS #Rpas #Discount #PfCO #Training

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